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What is really happening within your pipe systems?

Impurities, pressure and flow problems, various reasons can cause efficiency loss in heat transfer. Whether we are talking about the building services technologies or industrial systems.

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The energy efficiency of Citycon's shopping centre Iso Omena has increased

Citycon and TPI Control have improved heat transfer functionality in the Iso Omena shopping centre and increased its energy efficiency with good results.

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TPI Control at the Motiva seminar 5th September 2013

CEO Jorma Koskinen spoke at the Motiva seminar about the importance of measuring and monitoring when improving the energy efficiency.

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TPI Control allocates 15 % of its revenue to research and development

TPI Control has experience of more than 2,000 buildings and 7,000 heat transfer systems

Every year TPI Control carries out several development projects, research works and thesis works at different levels.

On average, 7 % of heating energy goes to waste

The TPI Control laboratory examines and analyses over 2,500 samples every year.