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Our approach

Our annual control visit includes heating, cooling and ventilation maintenance and adjustment services.


We provide comprehensive rationalisation of the heat transfer process.

We challenge old planning and maintenance approaches. Property owners, managers, developers and users receive significant benefits.

Innovations that aim to improve the processes of heat transfer are analysed, measured and produced in the TPI Control laboratories.


We are a pioneer in information-based solutions. We analyse, measure and produce innovations for improving heat transfer processes. We have a laboratory, continuous product development and patents.

Our expertise, responsibility and enthusiasm for succeeding make us a desirable business partner.


We help our customers to move from reactive way of doing today's maintenance into a situation where temperatures and property technology are managed and controlled proactively with researched information and heat transfer control values.

Our vision and values

An infographic describing TPI Control’s vision and values.

Our operations in short


Founded in


Turnover in 2018


50 staff members in Pirkkala, Vantaa and Kerava

15 %

of the turnover directed towards product and service development

Member of Cleantech Finland

AAA rating, owned primarily by the management